Engels - Before the Big Bang

Cosmologists Paul Steinhardt and Neil Turok have a radical idea (..). They theorize that the cosmos was never compacted into a single point and did not spring forth in a violent instant. Instead, the universe as we know it is a small cross section of a much grander universe whose true magnitude is hidden in dimensions we cannot perceive. What we think of as the Big Bang, they contend, was the result of a collision between our three-dimensional world and another three-dimensional world

Space-Time Engineering

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The Fourth Dimension

Uitleg over de vierde dimensie in vergelijking met de derde met het verhaal van Platland en Hypercubes. Of het dezelfde 4d is als waar in de ascension wereld over wordt gesproken is nog maar de vraag. Het is het begin om andere/hogere dimensies te gaan begrijpen. Zie ook:
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Wormhole (Wikipedia)

In physics, a wormhole is a hypothetical topological feature of spacetime that is essentially a 'shortcut' through space and time. A wormhole has at least two mouths which are connected to a single throat or tube. If the wormhole is traversable, matter can 'travel' from one mouth to the other by passing through the more