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Parallel Worlds, Multiverses and Parallel selves
Study on parallel worlds, multiverses and multidimensional consciousness. Learn to make contact with your parallel selves and rediscover the magic of human existence.

About Project Stargate

Starting point
The premise of Project Stargate is that science fiction and fantasy books and movies are sources of inspiration for technology already present in this and other dimensions and that they give an overall picture of what is going on. Conversely this is also confirmed from frontier and fringe sciences, esotericism and insiders who have been studying these things for years.

Search for the origin of existence
On Project Stargate you will find my experiences, conclusions and discoveries of recent years in the field of cosmology (quantum physics, multiverses, parallel worlds, time travel, other dimensions) and Ufology (sightings, races, transdimensional worlds and space ships) and Metaphysics (the origin of our existence, who we are, where are we going, good and evil, etc.). Whether it is all true what you will be reading on this website is up to you to decide, as is with any website mainstream or otherwise. Maybe I am all wrong. I can only show you what I see and show you the different roads that can be taken.

Studies in the making
What is Ascension? Different alien races
What is Channeling?
Psychic Self Defense
Cosmological models

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Read the new study on Parallel Worlds, Multiverses and Parallel selves and rediscover the magic of human existence.

This link will go to the themse song of The 10th Kindom miniseries on YouTube. See how the normal world Transforms into the Fairytale World.

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