Cosmology Parallel Worlds, Multiverses and Parallel selves December 18, 2009

Study on parallel worlds, multiverses and multidimensional consciousness. Learn to make contact with your parallel selves and rediscover the magic of human existence.

What are Parallel worlds?

General introduction
According to the scientific theory of the multiverse there are many worlds or universes alongside ours. Some of these universes, in terms of physical laws, can be found next to ours and others 'further away' in the sense that they are ruled by other laws of nature. A multiverse may consists of many parallel universes. Our universe and our earth is part of only one of many parallel universes in a larger multiverse. Famous statements are: "there are many universes, our universe is just one of many", "the theory that all possibilities that can happen do happen in another quantum reality," depending on our choices there are an infinite number of realities, though existing in another quantum reality", "there may be hundreds or thousands of these worlds / universes existing in the same time / space continuum", "same planet, different dimension". Another word used for parallel worlds or parallel universes are alternative realities. Films and series frequently use the concept of parallel universes and often an alternate version of yourself can be found on such an alternate earth with a different life and different choices made. Something that is also true in reality. Contact can be made with parallel worlds by means of advanced technology or by traveling out of the body or by making contact through your dreams with an alternate version of yourself.

Parallel worlds in science
For decades now, in the scientific world, people try to make a so called "unified theory" or "theory of everything" that can explain everything. In 1957, Hugh Everett III developed his Many-worlds interpretation to solve various problems that arise during scientific experiments and to explain certain phenomena that occur in quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics deals with the study of the smallest particles that the material "reality" is made of. In the many worlds theory every possible outcome of a particular event creates a new branch in a parallel universe. The idea of the many universes and even many multiverses was then taken up by many other scientists and has become a serious part of modern science. The Russian-American theoretical physicist Andrei Linde came up with the theory of the "bubble universe" where new universes are formed as bubbles from a multiverse or where one bubble creates (branches of from) another one. In this theory our universe is a bubble in an ocean of millions of bubbles. The most recent theory is based on the M-theory and represents a comprehensive description of different string theories. In M-theory, new universes are formed by collisions of cosmic membranes in a eleven dimensional space where each universe can have its own physical laws. There are also other variations on the string theory which lead to a theory of multiple universes. One of the leading scientists in the field of string theory is Dr. Michio Kaku. He dares to talk about everything in the scientific community from the possibility of the existence of advanced alien civilizations to ufo's, aliens, time travel, future technology etc.

History Channel Documentary: Parallel Universe
Description of the website Altimatrix:
"Our universe is connected to millions of parallel universes. This set of parallel universes is referred to, in the field of Astrophysics, as the Multiverse. Our connection to these parallel universes is in the form of quantum entanglements and consciousness. In other words, dependent on the universe at hand, things that happen to particles there can effect what happen to particles in this universe. Moreover, there are forms of consciousness that inhabit these parallel universes that can and will visit our local universe for many different reasons."

This documentary film consists of 4 parts. Click here for Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

Parallel worlds and the Laws of Physics

A group of parallel universes having the same laws of physics possibly belong to what is called the same multiverse. Try to image it this way. The parallel worlds that go sideways belong to the same multiverse and therefore have the same physical laws but from an interdimensional perspective the higher and lower worlds belong to another multiverse with their own sets of parallel worlds. A classification that may be very logical but at least is easy to work with.
Multiverses can be classified into three types. Multiverse Group 1 consists of parallel universes where the same laws and particles exist as in our local universe, Group 2 from parallel universes that have different physical constants and other particles, and group 3 where totally different physics and mathematical laws prevail. In that sense, again you can also speak of many multiverses, hundreds or thousands or maybe millions, each with their own hundreds, thousands or maybe millions of parallel universes, each in turn with their hundreds, thousands or millions of galaxies, although the formation of a galaxy and planets etc also could be a phenomenon based on the physical laws of our universe and multiverse group.

The Mario Galaxy Universe

Fantasy Parallel Worlds / Magical Worlds
The beauty of parallel worlds, universes or multiverses is that each of them can have their own unique laws of physics. The idea is that every universe or at least every multiverse has its own unique laws of nature. This implies that there may be universes where the speed of light is different, where other elementary particles and other atoms exist or a completely different structure of matter, universe where ships can sail through the sky and space, where the vastness of the universe is filled with oxygen or where the entire universe is composed of liquid matter (fluid space), where very different life forms can be found so imaginative that you almost can not think of it. From our perspective we call these worlds the fantasy or magical universes and they may correspond to what we might call supernatural worlds. There is no limit to your imagination when it comes to the possibility of other physical laws. However, for inspiration you only have to open a fantasy book or see a fantasy movie. You can think of fantasy worlds as the worlds where the dragons live and the elves, angels and wizards. But supernatural is only a difference in perspective and frequency. From our perspective it all resides in the supernatural world, in the spiritual world but from their perspective they live in the natural world and we in the spiritual, the supernatural world. They are hyperdimensionaly further away from our own universe. From the perspective of the inhabitants of such another universe, our universe may be regarded as disturbed and abnormal.
But as I always say: "fantasy is reality in another world" and writers of fantasy books and films use their imagination = look into other worlds, to tap into these other worlds for their inspiration.

Dungeons and Dragons Trailer

You may wonder whether there is a spontaneity that if all possibilities exist all possible worlds exist or that a intelligent programmer prepared an underlying set of rules for a universe with a particular purpose. You can also view that programmer as a set of logic rules forced to express itself but there may be beings so powerful that they have the knowledge and the power to define the laws at the birth of a new universe.

Dark universes, dark earths, demonic races and densities

Higher, lower and highest Earths
Some people are working very seriously on determining the position of our universe on a multidimensional map. You can make a classification in terms of good and evil usually involving higher with good and better and evil with lower and worse. Of course, this comparison may not hold on an interdimensional scale although it may be that good creates universes based on entirely different laws than worlds that arise from evil. Often the darker earths are known as The Underworld or Netherworld or demonic Earths where the humans are ruled and pushed aside by a varieties of species from a different nature or humanoid beings with less good intentions such as domination / conquest of a whole multiverse. While some may say that our universe is closer to the upper side, personally, although I do not want to appear to be a doomsday thinker, I am inclined to place our world somewhere in the middle or even lower than that. Examples of various magical/demonic universes are the Charmed universe and Buffy/Angel-verse from the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel and for example the universe presented in the Mortal Combat movies and series. In these worlds, everything is supposedly much more open and demonic races can travel with ease from one dimension to another and therefore also can be found on earth. But there is much more going on in these series since the demonic races also may come from a different density (as it is called today) from the same universe or from another galaxy. On the other hand there have also been some trips in these series to alternate earths, so horizontally, so that the main character can gain knowlede of things to come and take this knowledge back to this earth to his advantage. This shows that these worlds in these series are also part of a larger multiversum.

Mortal Combat II Trailer

In Mortal Kombat I and II and the series that followed a group of mortals are up against the emperor of Outworld and his followers who have supernatural powers. Interdimensional portals are used to travel between the different worlds. It looks like the emperor of Outworld has some sort of claim on the earth in our dimension but at some point he ignores all rules and agreements made in earlier times by the Elder Gods to prevent invasions between the different worlds. Noteworthy is that a link is made to Buddhism in the film suggesting that they are aware of these other worlds.

The Charmed multiverse I would like to place higher than ours and for example the earth from Lord of The Rings in a multiverse again somewhat higher. Lord of the Rings speaks about "Middle Earth" and the human race has to share the world with the elves race and other races. So than you are heading towards the fantasy and fairytale worlds where as on the lower earths it is the human race that makes up the general population.

Lord of The Rings Trailer

Parallel Earths and alternate realities

In general, the word parallel worlds is a very broad definition. The term parallel world or parallel universe is a more general term that may also indicate worlds / universes that have entirely different physical laws than in ours. Both the terms parallel universe/parallel world and alternate reality are used interchangeably, but an alternate reality, with the word alternate, refers to a relationship to our world/earth meaning it refears to an alternative version, a variant of our own located next to ours with similar laws but where history and events are different as people have made different choices. This does not diminish the fact that alternate realities are also parallel worlds. Another word used for these parallel worlds are alternate timelines.
Lookin at it from an interdimensional perspective when speaking of a parallel world/universe that has much resemblance to our own, you may think sideways to the left and right when making a diagram and place these alternate earths on this horizontal line in your mind but you can also put parallel universes on a higher or lower line or further away than ours with laws that are totally different and with different creatures and worlds and forms of life. If you are gifted with some more imagination you can think three-dimensional in more directions and make much more complex diagrams. You can also view the higher cosmic worlds or heavens if you like, or dimensions as complete universes with their own creatures, worlds and laws.

The Golden Compass Trailer

In the movie The Golden Compass we enter a parallel universe where the soul of a person lives as an animal besides him. The movie is based on a book trilogy by author Philip Pullman called His Dark Materials. The three volumes are called: Northern Lights (published as The Golden Compass in North America), The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass. The movie The Golden Compass is an adaptation of the first book and has an open ending. I am looking forward to the next movies.

The inter-dimensional location coordinate of our universe
To travel to a parallel world you must have advanced knowledge of interdimensional mathematics and in addition to the usual 3D length, width and height coordinates you will need to know the interdimensional 'length', 'width' and 'height' coordinates, or from another viewpoint, the interdimensional frequency of the other universe. You will need to add several extra sets of axis coordinates to travel along. If you assume that there are hundreds or thousands or even millions of parallel universes and earths it is illogical to think that our earth can be found at number 1 though we as humans are always tempted to place ourselves and the earth at the center or main position just like when in earlier times the earth was at the center of the universe or the center of God's creation (as Christians like to think) or in the ufology community nowadays where the earth must always be at the center of attention of advanced extraterrestrial civilizations. No, our earth (and universe) may be earth 1000 or 1 million 500361 just to give a random number. It is very well possible that in our universe or in another universe there are alien races who possess this knowledge and mastered this extensive interdimensional math and mapped and identified the many dimensions and universes and have incorporated it into their technology.

Crossworlds Trailer

In the movie Crossworlds the different dimensions are connected by a mysterious valley, a kind of inter-dimension that leads to the different worlds. The main characters have the power to travel to these different dimensions using a scepter and a crystal but there are other mysteries in this movie because it seems that even without the scepter that is possible.

Parallel Alternate Earths
There may be parallel earths that are suspiciously similar to our own but still have a completely different world history, eg where there has been no Second World War, or where the Germans won the War or an earth where the dinosaurs did not extinct or where it is very normal to have contact with aliens and intergalactic civilizations or where the human race is divided in 2 different species or otherwise developed. A series in which all these ideas are worked out is the serie Sliders.

Sliders Trailer

The adventures of the Sliders
In the series Sliders Quinn Mallory creates a sliding machine in his basement that generates an artificial bridge, a wormhole that is used by the Sliders to travel from earth to another. By use of a timer that needs to recharge each time they make a jump this wormhole is repeatedly activated so they can travel to another earth. Sometimes it takes longer than other times to recharge. As Quinn does not know the coordinates of his home-earth he does not know his way back and they are forged to slide from earth to earth until they get home. The original Sliders do not possess these particular coordinates but some alteregos, versions of themselves they encounter on these other earths do possess this knowledge. In one episode they come back home to the original earth but because the gate to the garden had been lubricated they don't know that they are home again and because they have no time to investigate it any further they travel on to another earth. As the series developed further in the next seasons we find out there is an alternate human race called the Kromaggs that took a different evolutionary pad in human evolution. They have extensive knowledge of sliding technology and their purpose is to conquer as many earths as possible to place under their rule. The Sliders take up arms against these Kromaggs.

Dangers of interdimensional travel to parallel universes
One of the elements that emerges as we talk about parallel worlds is that compared to our universe, our world, the flow of time differs and that time dilatation can occur and that therefore for example after a visit to a parallel world just one hour has passed while in the other world for example one week or many years have passed. Naturally it is also possible the other way around. Another thing to take into account when speaking of parallel earths is that you should keep in mind that each universe has its own history and therefore it is very unwise, as happens in the serie Sliders to jump through a wormhole to another parallel earth without first sending a probe or some sort of reconnaissance vehicle. Thus it is possible that the place where you are standing on the ground is located several hundred meters higher or lower in that parallel world so you may end up in the ground or hundreds of meters in the air. Or imagine that you end up under water or in molten lava. The worst case senario is that at the interdimensional coordinates, corresponding to those in our universe, in that universe there is no earth and so you end in the vacuum of space. So be warned before you spontaneously step into a wormhole.

Strange variations and Mirror-Universes

Evil Twins in the Mirror Universe
A number of variations on the theme of parallel universes are those of the Evil Twin and of the Digital World. The Evil Twin or the evil counterpart is a theme often found in movies and series for example Star Trek and Charmed. They live in an alternate dimension of reality where anyone who is good in this world is evil in that world. Such a universe is called a mirror universe because the moral values of a person are reversed and for the rest everything is the same. In Charmed, this also refers to the supernatural beings such as demons and whitelighter. In Star Trek "the Mirror Universe" is a common universe that returns a lot in the Star Trek series. The main characters such as Captain Kirk and Spock have a much more aggressive personality and are selfish, violent, unreliable and opportunistic. This in contrast to their normal peace-loving characters. Also there are much more wars in the Mirror Universe and the Terran Empire is on a vindictive warpath instead of making peace and meeting new civilizations. One reason for the existence of such a universe is that there should be a universal balance between good and evil and that for every good deed done in this universe an evil deed must be done/matched in the mirror universe. But than of course you enter into some nice philosophical areas like the idea that for someone having joy there needs to be someone else who is suffering. To continue this line of thinking you can even wonder whether we ourselves do not live in a mirror universe that is the counterpart of a good universe.

The One - Trailer

In the movie The One, the main character Gabriel Yulaw has to fight agains himself. This version of him from a technologically advanced parallel earth has decided to murder all parallel versions of himself (alternate selves) on the other earths so only he remains. With each dead of an alternate self he becomes increasingly stronger and almost unstoppable which suggests that there is a kind of collective energy among all the parallel versions on the different earths. Ultimately, in this movie only the evil version remains and the main character (thus in principle equally strong) and thay go into a final battle against each other.

A very special world parallel to our world is the Digiworld from the animated series Digimon. The Digiworld consists entirely of data from computers and digital networks and is inhabited by Digimon comprising of human-like, animals, plant-like and mythical Digimon. They are born of digi-eggs and when they die their data is reconfigured to a new digimon that sometimes can retain the memories of the digimon he was before. The digimon are classified in Data, Vaccine, Virus, and Variable. The Digimon have different life stages and levels and can transform into a higher form in which their shape changes and they gain new powers. While reading the descriptions of the Digiworld I could not help noticing that there are remarkable similarities between the processes that take place in the Digiworld and terms like Ascension and DNA activation and also in general there are remarkable similarities between the Digiworld and the higher dimensions of our universe. This comes to show once again that the creators of these and other animated series are well informed and have knowledge of the higher processes and wars taking place in the higher dimensions.

Parallel selves and Multidimensional Consciousness

Connecting to your parallel selves
An entire study of the soul is beyond the scope of this article, but not only can you connect to your past and future selves or soulparts who share a life on other planets or other levels of existence and with your higher self but you can also contact your selves on parallel worlds. Basically this happens to everyone by means of the subconscious through dreams when he or she experiences things that seem very real and seem more than just a mixture of random events from his past or present environment. When you start to learn about these things (like you do now) and become more aware of these other worlds and selves on paralllel earths you will be able to consciously connect/make contact with these selves on other parallel earths by means of (lucid) dreaming, meditation and going out of the body and you will be able to transfer knowledge to those other parts or from those parts to you. In fact it's - all you - so the connection lies within youself. You may even assume that some of these other selves have been dealing with this even longer than you have and may be more developed in this practice than yourself.

Developing multidimensional awareness
For those who aren't quite able to grasp the concept, a brief explanation. Those parts of you that exist in another dimension or parallel world have their own life, consciousness and memories. Yet, it is really you ! All those selves are a part of your bigger Self. If you extend your awareness to reconnecting with those other parts it will be more like a remembering and a sense of ooh yes now I remember when you restore your consciousness-connection between your consciousness here and your consciousness there. The more connections you restore the more you become aware in several dimensions simultaneously and as it is called so beautifully, you will develop a multidimensional consciousness and live aware in several worlds simultaneously. Of course it does not end there and you can also learn to make contact with those soul parts that live as animals somewhere and also integrate that consciousness into your overall awareness.

Past, present and future selves
Those people who have difficulty with reincarnation must realize that, viewed from above, the past, the present and the future happen simultaneously. The linear timeline from past to future is an illusion. All possible lives you've had in the past here on earth and possibly might have in the future here on earth happen/exist simultaneously. In this way you do not only influence the future but just as easily the past and choices you make can determine and influence a 'past' life. This also has to do with the level of your consciousness. Viewed from a higher dimensional perspective, all lives are 'playing' simultaneously (= at same level), and you can view them as a parallel life instead of separate lives or re-incarnations and any life, be it in the 'future' or in the 'past' on the linear timeline, can be seen as a life happening right now in a parallel world. Also the journey through the afterlife through on of the astral levels is a part of this same duality time-illusion. Only when you know to get beyond that illusion into the higher heavens or higher densities you will find these higher forms of consciousness. This state of consciousness can also be achieved while in a body here on earth. Moreover it does not have to be that there is a future self here on earth because incarnation can occur on many levels and many dimensions of existence also on other planets and planes of existence in this universe or another universe.
Some of you who are reading this may find this very complicated, and it is, but believe me in reality it is even more complicated. It took me many years to learn and absorbed and understand a fraction of these things but the experience of the soul does not only extend (or limit) itself to a live as a human being or animal, or being on another planet. It's all much more complex most certainly when you realize that the underlying structure of the unviverse appears to be consciousness. So, a we go back to the topic, viewed form a higher perspective reincarnation does not exist and one can at the most speak of incarnation or dividing or branching of the soul.

For those who want to continue on this subject I can recommend the books of Jane Roberts also called The Seth Material with books like Seth Speaks and other books in this series, but there are also other mediums / channelers that have passed interesting information on this topic.

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