Welcome to the "UFO etc quick mail alert friends private mailinglist"

What's it about (short description):

It's all in a name. If you find something interesting on the internet for example a You Tube movie or Google Video with an important UFO sighting or an important movie on something spiritual (Ascension/2012) or you read an important article you can send a quick e-mail alert to all the members on this list.

What's it about (long description):

Do you regularly receive an e-mail from a friend with a link to a You Tube movie, Google Video Movie or some website that has something interesting to read or show about UFO's, Ascension, 2012, David Willcock, the spiritual world, aliens, the afterlife etc etc etc and you send those e-mails to other friends again to check it out ? And maybe they do so again..
Well, if so here is an easier way. Just add your e-mail address to this list and also ask your friend who sends you those links to add his address to the list and also ask the persons you are used to sending those messages to again to add his/her address to the list. Than, all you or your friends have to do when they find something interesting is to mail it to ufo-etc-quick-mail-alert-friends-mailinglist@googlegroups.com and the message will automaticly be split and send out to all of them because they are on the same list. Make sure you send it using the e-mail address you used to subscribe to the list yourselve.

What this list is for

  1. The list is only for sending alerts, for a quick exchange of information that might be of interest for someone else.
  2. The list is only for sending alerts related to the topics mentioned above along with ect etc.

What this list is NOT for

  1. The list is not meant for discussions. If you want to do so than join a discussion group.
  2. Do not send e-mails to the list about a dog and a birth having a wonderful friendship or about sending money for a good cause etc. That's not what this mailinglist is for. And that's not what people are waiting for when they added their own address to the list.
  3. This list is not meant for saying hello or sending poems or letters etc. If that's what you are looking for than join another mailinglist.
  4. Do NOT send an invitation to people to join this list that do not fit the purpose or description of this list, so keep some discression.

You may however...

  1. You may however say that you placed something new on your own website if you have a website of your own.

Some simple rules to keep things clean

  1. Do NOT answer an e-mail you receive with thanks or thank you etc because all the members on the list will receive that reply.
  2. Only reply to an email if you have something to add that might be related. For example when the Norway Spiral was seen someone might post a message to this list with a link to a You Tube movie or an internet site to read and see all about this. A few days later David Wilcock gave his opinion on the Norway Spiral on his website. In such a case you might reply to the earlier topic telling people about David Wilcock and the Norway Spiral.
  3. When you compose a message tell everyone what it is about so give a short description and don't forget to add the webpage address. Close the message with you name.
  4. Messages must be written in English.

Add your address to the list

Adding your e-mail address to the list is very simple. Just enter it here below and hit subscribe. After that you will receive an e-mail confirmation with a confirmation link to click on. Than you joined the mailinglist. After that you don't need to do anything on Google !
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About the creators of this mailinglist

The creators of this list are Hall Leeuwenburgh and Art Bosman from the Netherlands. You may visit Arts website on the afterlife called Spiritual Books and Halls website called Project Stargate on everything metaphysical.
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